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Business shake up:

Hi everyone, Phil again. Things are definitely happening around here lately. Things with Bachrach had been struggling, because of not enough business, so the company filed for Chapter 11. The company is liquidating its inventory in order to close several stores including the one here in Vernon Hills. It was a sad time for me, as I’ve made many good friends here, between my co-workers and my many good customers. It was also an exciting time since it meant it was time to face some hard business decisions. I wanted to find an opportunity that would be challenging for me and where I would learn and grow. I wanted to progress my career and stay in the field of sales, which I enjoy very much. I’m good at it too.  😉  A couple of weeks ago, I was approached by one of my good friends who told me that there was a position open as an assistant manager at a very cool store and that I should consider going for it. It is with the Oakley Company. I did go for it, and I got the job! I am looking forward to being a big part of this company and using my skills to take good care of the new customers that I will be meeting. Maybe having some of my friends and old customers stop by too. Some things were just meant to be, and I am thankful for that. More details soon.


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Random thoughts:

Hey, it’s Phil here with some random thoughts. Been awhile since my last post. Many things going on lately, some of them enough to keep me away from getting online. I’ll try and not let that happen too much, but real life does take over sometimes. Toward the end of June, I moved away from home and in with my brother. Big change for us both for sure. Felt like It was a time to grow up and focus on all of the new changes in my life. Also was a time to help my mom move to a new home out of state. She found a nice home for herself so I feel good for her. The move was not easy based on the timing of everything, but it all worked out. Moving, working, and packing were the themes of the month for June. Things got very busy. Now that I’m a bit more settled in, I have tried to relax some and catch up on things such as this blog and my emails and also time with my friends and family. I hope we talk again soon. Take care.

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New Store Sale:

This past Sunday night I was able to go and hang out with some my friends at a Cubs game. We had an awesome time, in spite of the fact that the Cubs lost. I must bring them bad luck. It seems like when I go to a game they lose. I do not get it. Anybody else have that problem, I hope not! I honestly feel like the Cubbies will turn it around. They just have to get it together and come at it hard. Good luck to the Cubs!

Business has slowed lately but does not mean fashion has not. Fashion trends are always changing, and moving rapidly. It’s a reason why I am glad I am up with the new trends. This will eventually bring in consistent business. I am glad to have this blog to communicate things as they happen. Remember to visit me and leave comments on my Facebook and Twitter pages. Those links are found on the links to the right of this post. —>

Also wanted to let you know that the store sale that was on, then off, is now back ON again. It’s a 25% off sale and also a clearance sale. Stop in and see the selection of very nicely priced items. I will help you to look your best. Stay tuned. Thanks, Phil

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In Store Sale for May, 2009:

Now that my store’s previous sale is over, Bachrach is introducing a sale that will make you want to come in and visit me. This sale comprises 25% off EVERY REGULAR PRICED ITEM in the store! Every piece of regular priced merchandise is priced to leave the store… with you! Come on in and see the great prices I am offering to you as you stock up on fine summer wear to look your best in the coming months! I look forward to seeing you as always, call me on my mobile phone or the store phone, or contact me through my blog at and let me know you are coming inso that I can ensure expert personalized service. You will love the selection of sale items too!  -Phil at the Vernon Hills Bachrach store. PLEASE NOTE: This sale was on for a limited time only and is now over (updated:06/01/2009). New sales alerts will continue to be published here, so stay tuned! Thanks, Phil.

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Store sale and activities:

Hi everyone. Just want to alert you all to an in-store sale that is going on as we speak. This event involves many items that are priced to sell out quickly. Sport coats are going out the door for $79.00, casual men’s slacks moving at $29.00, short sleeve shirts in time for summer going at $19.00,  casual pants priced at $29.00, and dress shirts priced to move as well! Don’t hesitate to stop in as the inventory will not be better! It’s an excellent time for this sale event, especially with this economy. Stop in and see me and… spread the word!! Tell all of your friends and leave me a message on my Facebook or Twitter that you saw this sale alert here on my blog. I look forward to hearing from you! Thanks, Phil. NOTE: This sale is no longer in effect. Please see above post for current store sale details. -Phil

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My Store’s Trunk Show… This Weekend!!

Hi you guys (and girls!), if you are looking to add to your wardrobe (or your favorite guy’s) with fine men’s clothing, this upcoming weekend is the time! My store is putting on a TRUNK SHOW and you are all invited! This is an opportunity to check out all of the new things that have recently been coming into my store! Here is an excerpt of the press release for this event:

**Announcing an event you do not want to miss: Bachrach is bringing a TRUNK SHOW to our store in Vernon Hills! This event will showcase the Launch of our new Made To Measure Suits as well as our new Custom Fitted Shirts collection! These Custom Suits that YOU create are made of the best materials that fit and look perfect. You choose the color, you choose the lapel, you choose the buttons, you choose the vent, you really do create it yourself! Of course our experienced staff will help you with the fine details! The Made To Measure shirts are created much the same way and come in many classic colors and designs, all made in the finest fabrics available. Here, YOU again choose the type of collar, you choose the buttons, you choose the type of cuffs, you choose the color, design, or pattern. This is a new trend in men’s fashion to allow you to look your best in your clothing! Come and visit us on May 1st, 2nd, and 3rd at the  Bachrach in Vernon Hills in the Westfield Shopping Center: 113 E. Hawthorne Pkwy, Vernon Hills, IL. 60061.  Store: (847) 918-9088 or Phil: (847) 942-1579**

This is a store event that might not be duplicated for a while, so to take advantage of the fresh, new inventory and all of the cool colors and patterns, you’ll want to make it out and see me. I will be there all three days. It will be a very good time! Contact me if you have any questions. I look forward to seeing you there!

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Custom Design Your Own Shirt (and other stuff!)

Been missing you guys. Working lots of hours lately. Trying like heck to increase traffic to my store. Where are you guys that have been asking for custom made to measure suits and shirts? Just recently got those shirts in the store to go along with the custom fitted suits. Many different fits- slim, regular, full cut. You name it, we’ll fit it. Customers can choose shirt cut, button colors, type of cuffs and collars, assorted prints and patterns, etc… Shirts custom ordered come back and ready for pickup in two weeks. Big trunk show coming up at my store, so if you’re in the Vernon Hills, IL. area in the next couple of weeks, contact me by email ( so that I can ensure your spot at this event! On a side note, man I can’t wait for the weather to finally break! Can’t feel any more claustrophobic than I do right now. It’ll be great to hang out with family and friends in good weather! I need some outdoor time and be able to do things with the people that matter. Send me a shout out if you come across this blog! Check my links also for my Facebook and Twitter. Those links? They’re over there —->

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“Philling time”

Mr. 4U2C

Mr. 4U2C

Hey, Phil here. Coming at you on a sunny and chilly day. My “philling time” title for this post gets my thoughts, that it’s been kinda slow with business lately. But that should be changing soon! Working the store, closely observing all of the plans my company, Bachrach, has in store for us in the near future. There is a lot of cool, new merchandise coming in and there will be lots of pictures of the clothes and store to display real soon. My website is presently under construction. I’m excited about that too, and working with my web dude to get it just right. Can’t wait! Loving my friends too! Just catch some of the pictures on my Facebook. As I continue learning all about this Web 2.0 thing, I can’t help but imagine the people around the world (hopefully) that will be reading about my experiences. I hope that you, reading this now, will take a moment and comment back so that I know where you are, and so that I can say hi and thanks for following. Remember, I’m also on Facebook and Twitter (see previous post for links). Let me hear ya!

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Exciting stuff going on around here:

Sitting here, thinking about the past couple of weeks, I am excited about the future. Plans that I’ve had for a while now are being put into motion and people I need to be on the same page with are pulling in the same direction! My company, BACHRACH, is coming out with a media blast to support the new “Made To Measure” line of custom fitted men’s suits, a great new line of denim and graphic t-shirts, and awesome suit separates. They’re even getting into the web 2.0 thing with blogs for every one of their stores. I’ve got a heads up with my blog and have been asked to take charge of my store’s blogsite. Pretty cool! Speaking about web 2.0, I am also now on Facebook and Twitter too! Still smoothing out the rough edges there, but will be fun connecting with all of my friends and business pals.  Feel free to comment and… LOOK ME UP!  – Phil

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Phil “4U2C” Alper : Welcome To My Cutting Edge Blog!

Hi, It’s Phil here, welcoming you to my new blog. In conjunction with my upcoming, exciting new website, presently under construction, you will find here all kinds of cutting edge information on men’s fashion. Also, an opportunity to ask any questions you may have, or discuss what you would like to see next in the world of men’s fashion design. Come on in and talk with someone who is fast being considered one the emerging authorities in the global stage of made to measure custom clothing.

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